Payments with Cryptocurrencies are already accepted in Venezuela, and buying with crypto is the contagion of more than 400 merchants throughout the country.

Currently, merchants offer you Cryptocurrency Payments, the main reason for this is the acceptance that Bitcoin, Ethereum, Dash, Ripple and other cryptos have had in the country.

But in turn for the economic stability that these provide.

However, in the shopping centers of the capital such as city market, sambil or recreation you can find stores which you can pay with Cryptocurrencies.

At the national level, the payment offer also extends through the different major commercial chains in each region, such as Traki stores; and not to mention the Venezuelan virtual stores that make life on social networks.

Do you want to know how to locate the stores that accept these payments?
To discover these businesses more easily, there is a mobile application which shows Venezuelans; the exact addresses of the physical stores that charge in Cryptocurrencies. There is an APP called Criptolugares Ve, which is already available in the Android Playstore virtual store.

It was born in February 2018, and in less than a year it has managed to collect 700 subscriptions from merchants that accept cryptos. Likewise, its success and acceptance in the Venezuelan 2.0 community was immediately noted, since only 2 weeks after its launch it had 200 downloads.

This APP has been characterized by its simplicity, and has a diverse menu where you can find the categories of services that you can pay in Cryptocurrencies.

Payments with Cryptocurrencies

CRIXTO is a digital platform to make payments in cryptocurrencies, especially to be used in Latin America, where users can make payments in Bitcoin. (BTC) Ethereum (ETH). o Litecoin (LTC) and commercial establishments receive dollars, euros or legal tender, directly into their bank accounts

An innovative development

This novel and innovative development has been designed and materialized by Juan Carlos Petit, a 24-year-old student of Computer Engineering. During an interview, the young man explained that he began to perceive a growing need, in the Venezuelan Cryptographic community, to be able to locate places to buy products with Cryptocurrencies.