Nowadays, crypto coin holders follow the information of the  in real time Bitcoin price; one of the most praised crypto coin in recent times.

Knowing the data, quotes and in-depth analysis of the behavior of the BTC, makes those interested in this market look for alternatives to convert this digital asset into dollars, euros or any local currency, in order to benefit the holder and support the volatility of cryptomonies.

Benjamin Franklin’s aphorism is famous:

If you want to know the value of money, try borrowing it.

There is nothing more uncomfortable than having an object of exchange that is difficult to transform into trust money. One example is in crypto-currency holders, who dream of buying Bitcoin in real time to acquire goods that are usually exchanged for dollars.

The story is useful in understanding the emotionality of coins. About 2,500 years ago the world exchanged its goods for precious metals. That was the way it was done in Mesopotamia.

Then in the 6th century BC the first coins were minted and with it the resistance to use them. A battle that had many scenarios but was won.

A similar story is told tangentially with the cryptomonas. They will live the transitions that are needed; but at the end of the days they will prevail.

This understanding of the evolution of the economy is understood by Crixto, the payment platform with crypto-currencies capable of converting your digital assets into dollars, euros or any local currency, according to his philosophy is, “fast, easy and secure”.

Real time bitcoin - Crixto

Bitcoin in real time

The Crixto payment platform has generated a growing enthusiasm in the community, read in the comments of the network. Real-time systems are present in our daily lives; practically in everything around us.

This is how a UK Start-up has taken Venezuela as its starting territory for the operation of Crixto. The promise is to make crypto-currencies usable for people and businesses to procure foreign currency. There are many people in Venezuela who have Wallets with cryptomonies available.

They are witnesses of the cumbersome procedure to which they are exposed when trying to acquire goods or services. In order to reach the goal, Altcoin must make more trips than Columbus to reach the “promised land”.

With Crixto you can make your Bitcoin in real time meet all your needs. It is a user-friendly App Web Service available 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. With Crixto, using crypto is very easy, the interested party only has to register. Beyond that it must pass strict AML security processes easy to complete and necessary for the protection of all.

Buy whatever you want, living in a consumer society so you can’t is an irony. Since 2008, when the Bitcoin era was born, a lot of money has moved around.

Trade operations with crypto currencies are often cumbersome, but owning a complete unit of them represents minuscule fortunes.

Spending a Bitcoin in real time today means that at least $9,233.31 worth of goods will be acquired. For those who weren’t tempted in 2009 to lose a free Bitcoin to experiment, today’s coffers are bulging.

According to historical data between February and May 2010, it cost less than $0.003. Now for those who are stimulated by calculations how many Bitcoins in real time that hypothetical crypto fork could spend. The figure will be very interesting and will surely give you to buy whatever you want.

However, to make your life easier, Crixto was born, a technical singularity that allows in seconds to convert crypts (BTC- LTC- ETH) to dollars, euros or local currency, besides being able to send and receive payments with crypto currencies in one place.

Learn more about this alternative of payment with crypto currencies and be part of the great experience that Crixto presents you in Venezuela and Latin America.