Although there are hundreds of different crypto-currencies – Bitcoin, Ethereum, Dogecoin, Litecoin, Ripple, Link… and new ones are coming out every month, they can all be divided into two categories: Bitcoin and the increasingly Altcoins popularity.

Bitcoin has its own category, since it’s the first crypto-currency to come on the market, while Altcoins is an “alternative currency” and includes all non-Bitcoin crypto-currencies. Within them, another distinction can be made to refer to digital currencies that have a much less volatile price than most crypts: Stablecoins.

Knowing this, what types of crypto-currencies are the most popular in each part of the world? Just the fact that Altcoin is a term for all non-Bitcoin crypts should give us a clue.

Bitcoin Popularity

In fact, Bitcoin is the most popular and widespread crypto currency, and it constitutes the majority of the crypto currencies on all continents of the world. According to the latest Chainalysis report, in the United States, Bitcoin represents 72% of all crypto-currencies; while in East Asia, the area of the world where it has the least presence, BTC represents 51% of all crypto-currencies. BTC is also the favorite crypto currency in Africa (69%), Western Europe (66%); Latin America (63%), Eastern Europe (57%), the Middle East (54%) and Central Asia (53%).

However, Altcoins popularity  is gaining ground: they already represent 49% of the total crypto-currencies in East Asia and 47% in Central Asia; of which 16% are Stablecoins such as Ethereum or Litecoin. Their presence in other regions outside Asia is less. In North America, they are only 28% of the total, while in other regions their percentages are slightly better: Middle East (46%), Eastern Europe (43%), Latin America (37%) and Western Europe (34%)

Altcoins popularity - Crixto

A theme of usability

The difference between Asia and the rest of the world in the use of Altcoins is that most professional crypto-currency dealers are located in this region. This sector specializes in the purchase and sale of more volatile goods with higher profit margins and risks, requirements that Altcoins meets.

Altcoins’ regular popularity is also based on the principle of usability: users, having the ease of implementing Altcoins to make daily transactions, have more confidence in the crypto-currency of their choice.

For this last point, in Latin America some initiatives have been implemented under financial technologies that promote the usability of both Bitcoin and Altcoins. The best example of this is the new App Web Service platform, Crixto.

What is CRIXTO?

The CRIXTO payment platform is an App Web Service that serves to transform crypto currencies into dollars. However, it has a limitation, that with CRIXTO you have to purchase goods or services. It is true that the start-up that guides CRIXTO Venezuela offers a wider range of opportunities, but at the start we are subject to what has been described.

With CRIXTO, users have the opportunity to pay with crypto currencies in a fast, easy and safe way. CRIXTO offers daily information with which you can change from Litecoin to dollars.

You can make your payments using your cell phone in a simple, fast and comfortable way. Your Crypto currencies will be safe and secure in our platform. And you will be able to make recharges from any wallet in the world, where you have your crypto currencies.

CRIXTO is a digital platform to make payments in cryptomonies. Its scope of operations will be Latin America. So far our firm will work with Bitcoin (BTC) Ethereum (ETH) or Litecoin (LTC).

This indicates that we will be able to process payments for commercial establishments that will receive dollars, euros or legal tender directly into their bank accounts. And of course the change from Litecoin to dollars is among the fastest.

With Crixto you can make your daily purchases, paying directly with Bitcoin, Ethereum or Litecoin at the affiliated stores, in a fast, easy and secure way.