Burger King accepts payment in cryptocurrencies, the fast food store chain currently accepts cryptocurrencies, a modality that will be carried out in all branches in Venezuela.

The famous fast food chain has adapted to this new payment method, thanks to the alliance it has signed with the Panamanian Cryptobuyer Exchange.

Burger King accepts payment in cryptocurrencies

This new payment method has been in use since December 30 of last year; therefore, since then the Burger King fast food chain located in the Sambil Caracas shopping center, began to accept Cryptocurrencies as a form of payment.

It is worth noting that the petro is not included among the payment methods; Cryptobuyer has announced that their payments will only be with Cryptocurrencies.

Although at the moment they are in pilot mode and the use of Cryptobuyer Pay is only being carried out inside Burger King of the Sambil shopping center in the city of Caracas.

Burger King

CRIXTO is a digital platform to make payments in cryptocurrencies, especially to be used in Latin America, where users can make payments in Bitcoin. (BTC) Ethereum (ETH). o Litecoin (LTC) and commercial establishments receive dollars, euros or legal tender, directly into their bank accounts.

However, Jorge Farías Ceo of Cryptobuyer commented; that the plans to execute are to incorporate in this month of January the use of the Cryptobuyer Pay in the 40 stores of this famous fast food chain throughout the country.

In the same way, Dash echoed the announcement of Cryptocurrencies, as a form of payment by Burger King.

Ernesto Contreras Business Development Manager for Dash in Latin America commented on Twitter that the Dash Cryptocurrency was ending the year; also, with great objectives in relation to adoption; thus referring to the famous fast food chain and its alliance with Cryptobuyer.

Finally, the CEO of Dash spoke to congratulate Crytobuyer for this alliance and also mentioned that this alliance would be exclusive with Dash.