If the Bostonian Benjamin Franklin, from the eighth century of the second millennium, had known about the cryptocurrency wallet, he would have thought the same way.  In his opinion, “if a man can empty his wallet into his head, no one can steal anything from him. The investment in knowledge pays the best interest”.


Coming to these “security” conclusions was the forging of a long career in trade. And it is with that same impetus that companies handling digital currencies seek to safeguard them. The sophistication of wallets has been born out of necessity. It’s believed that the first cryptocurrencies thefts were self-inflicted robberies. However, there are some interesting facts on record.


The first incident is believed to have taken place on July 19, 2017. On that date, 153,000 ETH is stolen anonymously, equivalent to about $32 million. The altcoins were in the Aeternity, Edgeless and Swarm City portfolios. The origin of the robbery is in a failure in Parity 1.5’s own utility.

Cryptocurrency Wallet

For the users of the App Web Service CRIXTO it is an incentive that the platform serves as a wallet only for affiliates. Of course, CRIXTO’s marketing offer makes it a target to solve a problem. Pay with crypto in a fast, easy and secure way. This is how the trade is received. We are talking about dollars, euros or legal tender incorporated into the AWS.

CRIXTO is a service that was born and already expands its limits. The parental triad has a column that for its security pleases our members very much. With CRIXTO you can transfer Virtual Assets and Digital Assets to a wallet or to other users inside and outside the Website. It is in fact a wallet for cryptocurrencies.

CRIXTO serves as a wallet for its affiliates, an amazing advantage because transactions are made under the umbrella of the AWS. CRIXTO is a digital platform for making payments in cryptocurrencies. It is specially created to be used in Latin America. Users will be able to make payments in Bitcoin, Ethereum or Litecoin and businesses will receive dollars, euros or legal tender directly into their bank accounts.

Types of wallets available

The wallets for cryptocurrencies are varied and have different strengths. Due to their qualities they can be examined in their two types: Hot wallet and Cold wallet. The first are online wallets as they are connected to a peer to peer network permanently. The others are wallets that can work without an internet connection and are therefore more secure.

Cryptocurrency wallet are in constant development. Their strengths seek to conquer the highest tenor: Invulnerability. Currently there are five types of digital wallets where we can deposit our cryptomonkets.

Let’s examine the crypto wallet quintet with courage. Let’s start the list with the Desktop Wallets. These are downloaded and installed on a PC or laptop. It can only be accessed from the same computer on which it was installed. A Desktop Wallet allows you to create and store your private key. It also saves your public address to send and receive your cryptos. These features make it offer one of the highest levels of security.

Cryptocurrency Wallet - Crixto

Let’s go to the Smartphone and Internet

It’s time to talk about the Mobile Wallets. It’s an app-based wallet for iOS, Android, and Windows devices. A mobile wallet is very useful as it can be used anywhere. It can work as a payment service to receive and send cryptocurrencies through mobile devices.

We now have available the Web Wallet, a wallet stored in the cloud. It is based on web applications within a domain. It is accessible from any device and any location.


The Paper Wallet is the classic example of a cold wallet. This one does not work online and so it turns out to be very safe. Creating a paper wallet is very simple. It can be made in two ways. The first, through a software, The second, through an online platform. In both cases a private key and a public key of the wallet will be generated which you will have to write down in your paper wallet and keep carefully in a safe place.

The irons also serve

In the case of the cryptocurrency wallet from the so-called irons there is one in particular. We’re talking about the Hardware Wallet. It is a device, usually in the form of a USB, that saves your keys to access your cryptos very securely, since it is not managed online. One of the examples of Hardware Wallet is the Trezor.