The British Startup CRIXTO, arrives in Venezuela to incorporate itself as a payment gateway with cryptocurrencies.

CRIXTO comes to Venezuela with the intention of helping to promote and give usability to cryptocurrencies; since until now this option is limited. In a first phase, the platform aims to attract users who trade with cryptocurrencies and who make a living on P2P platforms in the country.

Currently Venezuela is one of the countries that uses cryptocurrencies the most through exchange platforms, becoming a strategic place to develop this type of applications. These platforms also allow businesses and users to have one more alternative when making purchases and making payments.

Benefits for users

CRIXTO will allow users to directly purchase goods and services using cryptocurrencies as a vehicle. Specifically, Bitcoin, Ether and Litecoin can be used in establishments affiliated with the platform, without the need to change them into Bs, as a large majority do today, thus avoiding the complications that this brings. In addition, CRIXTO allows users to exchange cryptocurrencies in dollars within the platform and make payments to international providers; in order to avoid the volatility of the cryptocurrency market and guard against devaluation.

Benefit for users

On the other hand, the online payment gateway also comes to solve a problem that many businesses face. It is the problem of having to exchange your Bs in dollars or the dollars in cash received as payment for your sales in bank dollars. That is to say, the business that today receives dollars in cash and needs to pay dollars abroad; You must resort to a third party that receives the dollars and then this third party deposits dollars in your bank abroad.

This process is very cumbersome and often dangerous. In an operation of this type, the business does not know the origin of those dollars and sometimes they are penalized by international banks, resulting in the closing of accounts.

The digital platform offers businesses the possibility that users pay with cryptocurrencies and they receive foreign currency. This facilitates the possibility that the business can obtain dollars or euros directly in bank accounts that they have locally or abroad.

Latin America as a target

CRIXTO is a digital payment platform designed to meet the needs of commercial exchange with cryptocurrencies, especially in Latin America. Here, the use of crypto assets is becoming more frequent and more people are starting to use them every day.

Crixto payment gateway

The plans so far of the British Startup is to start in Venezuela and Argentina in order to help both people and businesses to protect themselves from inflation and to be able to solve the problem of obtaining foreign currency in order to be able to comply with the import commitments and payments in foreign currency that each business has abroad.

Crixto is a very simple to use, fast and secure application, it has an entire international due diligence system known as the KYC policies in English Know your Customer and KYT Know Your Transactions policies. In addition, it complies with the entire international regulatory framework that guarantees transparency in crypto-asset and fiat money management operations, with a rigorous policy to prevent Anti-Money Laundering (AML) money laundering.

All this makes the CRIXTO payment gateway the best option when making direct payments with cryptocurrencies. Users pay with their preferred cryptoactive and the business receives its payment in international currency depending on the case.

To learn more about the platform, you can visit the website