Paying with Bitcoin in Venezuela has a veil similar to the recipe for “Coca Cola”: It has some mysterious ingredients. Opinions about its practicality or not are varied. Most say that once you understand the steps, the rest is a breeze.

However, shopping with crypto{ in Venezuela is the closest thing to solving an equation. The first thing to clear up is which shops receive digital coins as a form of payment. Then determine if any stores are geolocated near your mailing address. And many times it is not too much to entrust yourself to God when you take out of the wallet what is required to acquire something.

There are many solutions on the horizon that have migrated to the country. However, for many “the forces” have not been with them. The offer of points of sale to pay with Bitcoin in Venezuela has a vertical growth. However, hopes are dashed when the cryptorium moves its problems to the merchants. Whoever sells a good or service navigates on the waters of trust money. All his operations are born in that universal current. Surely at some point you can convince them to accept cryptomoney, but at some point they will realize that it requires a second company to transform the crypto into fiat money. And all those traces are leaving a trail of feeds along the way.

The opportunity to make a single move to solve this equation is offered by the web service app CRIXTO, with which you can pay with Bitcoin in Venezuela and the merchants receive dollars or euros in their bank accounts.

Paying with Bitcoin in Venezuela - Crixto

Paying with Bitcoin in Venezuela

According to Stephen Colbert, bitcoin, which is synonymous with “geek gold”, requires a tour guide. It is true that many economies have floating islands that use cryptoactive, but distrust does not evaporate.

According to Lloyd Blankfein, CEO of Goldman Sachs, there are many things to think about.  “I keep thinking about Bitcoin. Until I come to a conclusion, I neither support it nor reject it. People were also skeptical when paper money replaced gold.” With an opinion of that caliber, it is increasingly sensible to think about the CRIXTO alternative as an option.

Paying with Bitcoin in Venezuela through CRIXTO will generate a flow of satisfaction at both ends of the operation.

The buyer will get what he wants when using BTC and the seller will see dollars arrive in his bank account. This is the solution offered by CRIXTO. You can make your payments using your mobile phone in a simple, fast and comfortable way. Your crypto-currencies will be protected and secured on a platform under the eyes of the AML. And you can also recharge from any wallet in the world, where you have your crypto currencies. CRIXTO has been created to give real-world usability to altcoin and uniqueness to Bitcoin.

Venezuela is fertile land for BTC

Venezuela and with Latin American extension, has been chosen by the start-up CRIXTO to deploy its payment platform. The dynamics of the region’s geo-economy make it a perfect scenario. Paying with Bitcoin in Venezuela is a neutral breeze that protects everyone’s heritage.

The task to be carried out in our country for the popularization of the use of digital currencies is the same one that is being done all over the world. Bitcoin has created a mass with a current market value of $9,150.98.

Of course, working with projects that involve risk will always generate a deafening echo of uncertainty. However, to revitalize the appetite it is always good to remember Andreas Antonopoulos, Bitcoin’s evangelist and author. He said:

“Do you think people are going crazy about Bitcoin? Imagine how scared they were when they were told that from now on, instead of trading in gold, they would use pieces of paper”.