“There is no date that is not met, no time that is not due, no debt that is not paid.” That’s the title of a Spanish picaresque by Antonio de Zamora. Despite this philosophical lesson of some 400 years old disintegrated with the arrival of the payment button.

With the arrival of e-commerce one of the variables that came under control was the credit. Businesses do not put energy into knowing whether a customer will pay or not because their operation he has insurance. If a buyer presses a payment button involving a credit card and failure to comply will lead to the underworld. A debt buyer will pay and the interest on the maula will go to his

However, there are a variety of payment buttons that commit the responsible payer. They are a common image on all e-commerce pages. The icons of PayPal, Mercado Pago, Discover, PayU, HiperCard, Paggo, RapiPago, among many others warn the way of the transaction. Already Whether it is cash or credit, e-commerce has multiple alternatives to close a

Money with payment button

The technological advance that the payment button represents within the trade has a new partner. We’re talking about clicking a payment button in crypto-currencies to make us owners of a good or service.

Many companies offer the alternative of payment with altcoins. There are approximately 20 millions of crypto-currency users worldwide. Most of them in big capitals like Madrid, Brussels, Barcelona, Seoul, London or Paris.

For years, the shops in these cities have offered their customers the possibility of paying with altcoin. Among the most received are Bitcoin, Ethereum and Litecoin. However, in each country there are local digital coins that enter the collection of options for a payment button.

Bitcoin Payments

The world’s most attractive crypto currency is already present in millions of e commerce. Transactions with this cryptoactive are already commonplace. In Spain you can pay at Bitcoins to reserve an apartment on the Costa del Sol. It is also useful for setting aside a dinner at a restaurant, among many other options.

The truth is that the best option to start working with bitcoins is an external service. For Paying with Bitcoin online is done through a manager that will act as a payment button. For this altcoin the most popular are Bitpay and Bitpagos. The latter is aimed at the Latin market.

It allows to make any transaction in bitcoins in a safe way. We can even ask for credits and finance the payments. His great specialty is in the restaurant and tourism sector.

Crixto payment button - Crixto

CRIXTO as a payment button

Merchants who become members of CRIXTO may use our services as a payment button. The operation is very simple and should only be incorporated within the structure of the online store. Already whether through WordPress Woocommerce or any other platform, CRIXTO is available to operate through one click.

CRIXTO as a payment button will increase your sales. Our company has a advantage over other similar options. The first one is that it gives usability to cryptomontages. It also operates simultaneously with three of them: Bitcoin, Ethereum and Litecoin.

Another quality of CRIXTO for shops that accept crypto is that the shops receive dollars in their bank accounts. They don’t need to have a wallet of altcoin, and then turn earnings to fiat money.

CRIXTO is already present on the commercial page of Hosting Services. A company with based in Valencia, Carabobo, which offers fast and secure hosting services. Hostinger is a leading global provider of cheap web hosting for millions of smart people.

CRIXTO is a rapidly expanding company whose area of influence is Latin America. The British start-up has entrusted CRIXTO Venezuela with the development of this important area. Many is the good news that comes with CRIXTO and we know that we are just a click away from your preference.