Electronic payment platforms have the DNA of “monetics”, the great-great-grandmother of the technologies that germinated the current transactions. The neologism already heard in the late 1970s is an acronym for the words currency and automatic. It was a semantic dome that brought the first tangible baby to ATMs.

However, these are antediluvian references if we compare the relativity of time in the world of fintech. Many tests had to be overcome to make the public take that leap of faith. Nobody bothers anymore with the technology that made the money disappear from their wallets.

In terms of imagining payment platforms the sky is the limit. Many of us would like to see the face of the now urban legend, Mr. Satoshi, if he were to meet CRIXTO head on. His Asian phlegm would probably make us look at an undaunted face. No one will really know, because even the “satoshi” are hidden inside payment platforms like ours.

Electronic payment platforms

Reference to CRIXTO as an electronic payment platform will be the dessert of this content. An old precept of communication theory indicates that the last thing said is the first thing remembered.

About the privilege of being the ones who write, we open the first arguments. A payment platform is a service provider. It authorizes payments to e-commerce businesses and provides a secure experience between the virtual store and the final buyer.

A whole psychosocial change has had to be experienced to make this instrument reliable. Electronic payment platforms do not encourage much to the baby boomers of the first litters. Already with the sun on their backs they rely more on cash. However, the more daring ones commit themselves to digital literacy and throw themselves into the current of change without a word of warning.

Today there are numerous payment platforms to act in the global business. It is on these that we will concentrate our efforts. In addition, CRIXTO is an App Web Service with international status as well. However, we have already warned you: the good things come last.

Electronic paymen platforms - Crixto

The best of the best

It is each person’s experience and the promises of the providers that make one platform preferred over another. The ones we will mention have the same standard and will meet users’ expectations.

Outside of the very versatile CRIXTO we are going to unpack a pentacle of services for electronic payments. We refer to Google Wallet, PayPal, Amazon Payments, Dwolla and Authotize.Net.

The last one mentioned has been around since 1996. In its database there are 375 thousand businesses that move money with plastic or electronic checks. It is assured that Authotize.Net invoices an interesting portion per year.

Dwolla is a social network flirt. This “girl” born in Des Moines, the capital of Iowa, is a socialite star. She allows users to transfer funds via email, mobile phone, Facebook, LinkedIn or Twitter. If the transfer is a “trifle” there are no payments, but if it exceeds $10 the fee is ¢20.

There are the heavyweights. One of the ones that falls into this category is Amazon Payments. Jeff Bezos wanted a level electronic payment platform for his clients. It is an API with which you can send money through the Automated Clearing House system.

The turn is now for the well-known PayPal. Few people on the planet can say they didn’t once open an account with it. It’s a superstar with 37 million active accounts in 193 countries and 26 different currencies. Certainly the crème de la crème, but someone always comes up with ideas to unseat it.

It’s time to talk about the Google Wallet. It is the last one to go out on the street and it certainly does so with all the impetus. Randomness is not the province of California business. It was part of their “analysis” that they came to the conclusion that they could enter the world of electronic payment platforms. This is the online payment service. With this wallet you can make money transfers and also make payments. Mountain View will offer a physical card linked to users’ accounts so that they can use Google Wallet in retail stores.

It’s time to talk about CRIXTO

Paying with cryptosystems has never been faster, easier and safer. With CRIXTO, using crypto is very easy. We can display it in the range of electronic payment platforms. However, it is a payment gateway that has a plus over the others.

With CRIXTO you can make payments in cryptomonies. It was conceived to be used in Latin America. Users can make payments in Bitcoin, Ethereum or Litecoin. It also has the added value that commercial establishments will receive dollars, euros or legal tender directly in their bank accounts.

You can make your payments using your mobile phone in a simple, fast and comfortable way. CRIXTO is an App Web Service. Your crypto-currencies will be protected and secured in our platform. You will be able to make recharges from any wallet in the world, where you have your crypto currencies.