The Blockchain development of cryptocurrencies in the Caribbean country has attracted the attention of millions of users in recent years. There is even a varied development of cryptocurrencies developed by Venezuelans. Given the notorious insistence of the market, here we break down the most used cryptocurrencies in Venezuela.

Modernly, Bitcoin (BTC) is known as the most recognized cryptocurrencies in history; however, it does not enter the prominent list in Venezuela as do its most assiduous competitors, Ethereum and Litecoin.

The cryptocurrencies market in Venezuela has become more adapted to a growing need to obtain cryptocurrencies quickly and efficiently. With these acquisition characteristics the following are definitely positioned; OnixCoin, Dash Venezuela, BolivarCoin and ArepaCoin.


This cryptocurrency y is emblematic for being one of the first cryptocurrencies in the country, created in 2017.This cCrypto is mostly used in the acquisition of goods, such as the purchase of real estate and vehicles.

The trading of this crypto is done through the popular exchanges such as YoBit and NovaExchange.

Dash Venezuela

Another of the most used cryptocurrencies in Venezuela was created by the American Evan Duffield based on the Blockchain technology.

One of its particularities is that it is a peer-to-peer cryptocurrencies but with more advanced functions focused on instant transactions and private transactions.

As detailed in the DiscoverDash merchant directory, Dash has reached 541 merchant registrations in the country and the figure continues to grow, almost a third of the global total.

However, the latter has been openly questioned in the Blockchain community of country development experts, as evidence of this, despite such a volume of success, does not seem to be evident.


Among the most used cryptocurrencies in Venezuela, BolivarCoin stands out for being considered the first crypto-currency in the country. Since its birth in 2015, crypto is available for trading or acquisition in the Cryptopia and YoBit exchanges.

Considered the first crypto currency in Venezuela, its genesis block (the block that gave birth to its crypto currency) was mined on August 29, 2015. Although it has more than 3 years of birth, it has more than 2 years in the international market of cryptomonies.

What are the most used cryptocurrencies in Venezuela? - Crixto


This is a double-birth cryptocurrency, originally developed in September 2016, making it the second oldest cryptocurrency in the country, but its development was abandoned.

After two years, ArepaCoin is reborn as a crypto for use and within the market in 2018, when it is taken over by a group of Venezuelan developers.

And what about the cryptocurrencies that lead the world?
It’s easy to wonder where the leading role of the world’s most popular cryptocurrencies is; such as Bitcoin, Ethereum and Litecoin.

The fact that they don’t appear on this list doesn’t mean they’re out of context. In fact, only in a very limited sense these cryptocurrencies are outside the limits of usability in Venezuela.

Everything revolves around the latter, usability; a topic that with the great cryptocurrencies until now seemed to lack an effective solution.

However, in order to solve the problem, there are platforms that have more than enough efficiency, such as the App Web Service (AWS) CRIXTO.

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