The mother of all cryptocurrencies, Bitcoin, follows a narrative that puts cryptocurrencies to use in the future. Most altcoin projections are positive. However, one should never lose sight of the fact that this is a venture capital business. Cryptocurrency Forecast

The stakes for the end of 2020 are very high. Some believe that Bitcoin will reach $100,000 at the exchange rate. If this forecast is given, the more than 4,000 cryptocurrenciesthat exist in the world would be mounted on the rising layer of the super coin.

Crypto-currencies have become refuge of capitals. For many they are more reliable than gold or stocks. There is a great variety of technical matters that allow those who know the arrival of rises to foresee them. This year has been fabulous. Less than five days ago it was worth 11,833.26 dollars.

When Bitcoin was created, in January 2009, it was worth less than a dollar. With its arrival, it made the cryptocurrencies worthwhile. The BTC in 2017 almost reached US$20,000. The following year it plummeted to US$3,200. In 2019 it jumped again to US$13,800 and by this time it’s close to US$11,000.

All the cryptocurrencies to be worth

Popular digital assets such as Bitcoin and Ethereum, have had highlights throughout the year. An interesting marker to take into account are the vending machines. Coin ATM Radar indicates that every day 19.3 Cryptocurrencies ATMs are installed in the world. This metric is calculated based on the last 7 days. Cryptocurrency Forecast

According to an expert voice quoted by BBCMUndo, crypto currencies are better than gold as a refuge. That’s the opinion of Javier Pastor, commercial director of the company Bit2Me. “When there are widespread crises like today’s, crypto-currencies are a good option.

The forecasts put crypto-currencies in the spotlight. “My projection is that in 2021 the bitcoin will reach (be worth) more than US$100,000,” said Pastor. He is convinced that digital money will completely transform the financial system in the future.

And how does he justify such growth that makes cryptocurrencies worth so much? The increase would be motivated by the development of the industry and by international geopolitical circumstances.

Better to legalize them

Cecilia Barría, part of the BBCMundo staff, once obtained the comments of two economics nobles. The first, Joseph Stiglitz, said that bitcoin “should be made illegal”. According to his view, it is meant to evade regulation and “serves no useful social function.

From another perspective, the also-nobel economist Robert J. Shiller has an argument. It is shown in his book, Narrative Economics: How Stories Go Viral and Drive Major Economic Events. Popular narratives (simple stories that can be true or false) have a great economic influence. The anecdote puts a cryptocurrencies to work. Cryptocurrency Forecast

Shiller explained that one of the reasons Bitcoin has been successful “was that it fed on an anarchist narrative. This rhetoric indicates that “government is unnecessary and untrustworthy.

Cryptocurrency forecast - Crixto

Six-Zero Dreams

Crypt holders defend the value and profitability of digital currencies. “The future of cryptomonies is promising”. This is the opinion of Alex Mashinsky, founder and executive director of the Celsius Network platform. He is one more of the army that puts in the short term the cryptomonies to value.

He is one of the few assets with limited supply, “which guarantees their long-term success. According to the structure of the technological system with which the bitcoin was created more than a decade ago, only 21 million can exist.

Mashinsky compares the profit of 9,000,000% of bitcoin in the last decade, with the profitability of the best stock, Netflix, which reached 4,000%. “It was very profitable and the future will be even better,” he argues. “In the second half of this year we will see new increases and in 2021 the bitcoin will reach US$30,000-US$40,000”.

CRIXTO and the crypto-currencies

To speak of the App Web Service CRIXTO is to obtain as immediate translation crypto-currencies. This payment platform came to give usability to crypto-currencies. In its initial period it works with Bitcoin, Etherum and Litecoin. Cryptocurrency Forecast

The destiny to put the crypto currencies to work. About the wisdom of the numbers and by the behavior of a controlled market the digital money is the future. We are a start-up from the United Kingdom that decided to start operations in Venezuela. However in the short term the business has made an impact in Latin America.

One of the attractions of CRIXTO is facing merchants. They will always receive dollars or the fiat money of their preference in their banks for any merchandise sale operation. The advantage for cryptomoney holders is that through CRIXTO they will be able to keep them and use them at the most opportune moment. Cryptocurrency Forecast

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