In terms of usage, paying with Bitcoin in Venezuela may seem too complex an issue; however, the instability of the economy has pushed Venezuelans to find alternatives to safeguard the value of their money.

For this last point, Bitcoin has become a very popular choice for many users. The versatility of the currency’s protection, in addition to its stability and low fluctuation in value, provides security for those who save or invest in it.

Bitcoin Remittances to Venezuela

On the other hand, with the large number of Venezuelans outside its borders in all parts of the world; the alternative to get money to their relatives in the country has become clear, Bitcoin.

Crypto currency is not limited to any border, so it’s possible to get it to the Caribbean country more easily. Venezuelans from the United States, Spain, Chile, Argentina, Peru and many other places, send remittances to Venezuela through Bitcoin.

For the latter, there is a process of certain complexity in which it is involved as an intermediary in the popular exchange of LocalBitcoins crypto-currencies, which is where the largest volume of transactions in the country predominates, and therefore the greatest confidence.

The latter for many could imply a process in which involving sufficient trust is not an option. Given this, there is a need to find a system that allows a direct link to the sender and receiver of the Bitcoin.

Paying with Bitcoin in Venezuela

As we said before, usability is the main determining factor in the Venezuelan market. In Venezuela, the quintessential reserve currency is the dollar, and in terms of ease of use, this currency commands over 50% of the country’s private trading market.

Paying with VES (Bolivars) or USD (Dollars) is mainly easier than paying with Bitcoin in Venezuela when buying or paying for services even though the latter offers more profitable advantages over inflation.

Paying with Bitcoin in Venezuela - Crixto

Would it be possible to give a wider usability to crypto-currencies in Venezuela?

What is CRIXTO?

The CRIXTO payment platform is an App Web Service that serves to transform crypto-currencies into dollars. However, it has a limitation, that with CRIXTO you have to acquire goods or services. It is true that the start-up that guides CRIXTO Venezuela offers a wider range of opportunities, but at the start we are subject to what has been described.

With CRIXTO, users have the opportunity to pay with crypto currencies in a fast, easy and safe way. CRIXTO offers daily information with which you can change from Litecoin to dollars.

You can make your payments using your cell phone in a simple, fast and comfortable way. Your Crypto currencies will be safe and secure in our platform. And you will be able to make recharges from any wallet in the world, where you have your crypto currencies.

CRIXTO is a digital platform to make payments in cryptocurrencies. Its scope of operations will be Latin America. So far our firm will work with Bitcoin (BTC) Ethereum (ETH) or Litecoin (LTC).

This indicates that we will be able to process payments for commercial establishments that will receive dollars, euros or legal tender directly into their bank accounts. And of course the change from Litecoin to dollars is among the fastest.

With Crixto you can make your daily purchases, paying directly with Bitcoin, Ethereum or Litecoin at the affiliated stores, in a fast, easy and secure way.