Sending money in Latin America is a topic of technological interest; several solutions have been incubated and are providing answers.

The problem kit is to get the green bills into the countries in their fiduciary form; that “magic” is not yet achieved but there are several options that come on a tangent.

The Crixto payment platform is always ready to address some of this need. However, its business model is focused on being a vehicle for cryptomoney holders to use as a means of payment and for merchants to receive dollars for goods or services.

In terms of intercession, Crixto only analyzes its data; on the other hand, the registration period on the portal is available to receive subscribers. There, they also talk, ask questions and raise ideas; starting from the fact that the issue of sending money throughout Latin America is one of the recurrent topics.

Sending money in Latin America with Crixto

Latin American crypto holders have been activated in the Crixto registry following the announcement of operations. This is of utmost importance because in South America there is a wide range of use for cryptomonies.

Green notes do not reach all parts of Latin America in the form of fiat money; their presence is electronic and according to the method used the fees are usually appetizing.

On the other hand, Latin Americans choose to use PayPal, transfer through Zelle and use every possible channel to get the bill to appear in other countries. However, the cake usually does not arrive complete and the rules of the game are set by “the owner of the house”.

In the Crixto forums we have heard the intention of the subscribers about some ventures. From Ecuador the idea arose to create companies in Venezuela that offer trust products that can be paid with Crixto.

This information comes because we keep our audience active; in addition, we know as a company that we have a legal responsibility, internationally and nationally. And without a doubt, we also know that there is free association for legal entrepreneurship; which is why we cannot intervene in the options that our subscribers choose to undertake. Of course, we will always ensure that everything is within the framework of the law.

Sending money in latin america - Crixto


Crixto and fintech

Crixto is a digital platform for making payments in cryptosystems. It was created especially to be used in Latin America. With it, users can make payments in Bitcoin, Ethereum or Litecoin. In addition, businessmen will receive dollars, euros or legal tender in seconds, directly into their bank accounts. We are a fintech company, it’s that simple.

Nowadays, digital wallets and payment services are considered stars in the industry. These are applications that allow a virtual account, make transfers, investments and payments, request credits or a wallet card. Many of these operations cannot be carried out in Venezuela. Hence the difficulties of making money easily transformed in the country.

To make everything clear

Therefore, there are things that Crixto Venezuela must emphasize. In view of this, we are a crypto-currency payment processor, which allows the use of crypto-currency as payment for goods or services; as well as processing of crypto-currency payments made to a commercial entity. We are not a kryptonline exchange, nor a place to buy or sell kryptonline.

Crixto’s role is limited to providing you with a platform through the Services under which we act solely as your service provider, as your agent and in accordance with your instructions for the management and transfer of Virtual Assets as well as other Digital Assets.